Date: 10th January 2011 at 11:37am
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Norwich City chief executive David McNally speaking to BBC Radio Norfolk has been speaking about Burnley’s approach for their manager, Paul Lambert last week.

We all now know the events that took place following a public announcement on the Burnley Official website that we had asked for permission to speak to Lambert.

Clarets fans would be forgiven for thinking that such a strong announcement must have been made because the Burnley board felt there was a strong chance that Lambert was interested in the job. Had he approached them either directly or indirectly to hint he would be interested? Well if he did, it looks like he played us off to get what he wanted at Norwich City instead.

That makes us look bad enough, but if he didn’t maybe we look like even bigger chumps now.

Norwich were quick to issue a statement of their own making it clear they would in no way give Burnley permission to speak to Lambert.

No sweat Burnley fans thought, this was just par for the course and if Lambert really wanted the Burnley job he could always force the issue and hand in his resignation.

What followed next is unclear but it looks like Lambert had at least two meetings with the Norwich board. He first made a statement at a press conference that was pretty bland and had many Norwich fans worried that he had not made a strong enough statement that he would be staying at Norwich City.

Later that day though, there must have been a change of heart with Lambert finally stating he would be staying at Carrow Road.

Was there never a chance he would be leaving Norwich City or did he simply use the threat of resignation to get his own way and get a boost in funds for maybe himself and for players? We will never know it is all conjecture and speculation.

We do now know however what Norwich think about the whole situation or at least those of their Chief executive.

In a damning statement today, David McNally said:

“I was alerted by Joe Ferrari, head of media, that Burnley, for some bizarre, very difficult to explain reason, decided to put it on their web site that they had asked for permission to speak to Paul about their vacancy, so that really was unusual, unexpected and I have to say unprofessional of them. It meant we had to get something out to say that we would absolutely make certain that Paul Lambert stayed manager of Norwich City and he was certainly not going to Burnley, there was no question of that.

“He was very happy as he said at the press conference with the lines that the club came out with and if you listen back to the recording he said so, and quite rightly. He wanted to use the 15, 20 minutes of the press conference to talk about all things Leyton Orient and this very important match that we have today and did not want to focus on needless speculation about a club he was not about to go and join, so quite rightly he avoided that’

McNally also said that nothing had changed regarding the manager`s contract and nor had the agreed player budget.

So what do you believe? Are we just completely incompetent and a bunch of amateurs or are Norwich telling porkies?

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