Date: 8th July 2011 at 4:36pm
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Well we all probably know by now we have lost Jack Cork with Southampton snapping him up

Cork yesterday signed a four-year deal with the Saints for a fee thought to be in the region of £750,000. There are also reports that the Saints have lured him to St Marys by offering him £22.000/week which of course is way above our salary cap.

The 22 year old England Under 21 international midfielder said at the end of last season that he would consider coming to Turf Moor on a permanent basis, having spent the last 18 months at the club on loan from Chelsea. This makes the news even more disappointing and it is all so frustrating when you see a player of such obvious quality going elsewhere, especially to a club that has only just recently been promoted back to the Championship following administration.

The failure of the club to seal a deal for our former loan midfielder has angered many fans with others trying to find a rational explanation for it all whilst seeking a balanced view. So are we ambitious enough or should we be more daring financially?

The best way of giving a flavour of this debate is to re-publish the comments provided by our posters (warts and all) on another article and in our forum. So take a look and continue the debate below

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Official: Chelsea midfielder Jack Cork joins Southampton The midfield man has been with the Blues for 13 years but the club have decided to let him go and the England Under-21 star admits he is ‘excited’ to get started with his new team

How many of you sitting comfit-able now !!


Re Cork–If you were a young babe magnet and had been in london for last 13 years why would you want to be in burnley next to £10k terraced houses when southampton is sufficiently close to the Amy Childs set. Just being realistic.

Mmm…. Bolton take your point! … although being 250 away from Amy Child’s is no bad thing for some, but your point about the social demographic is a fair one ………… however he’s on record saying he loved it here ! this is more about the ambition of the board and the persuasiveness of our manager…. let’s face it all of us know have formidable a McCann Cork partnership would have been, Jack had proved he was worth the cash ….. we didn’t we make it happen ? moreover we now have trailests at gawthorpe cos we arent just quite sure if they are good enough and we are constantly being linked with lower league targets or free transfers ….. what is it all about? were is our investment money just what is this deluded board thinking about ??? for me as we stand we are no better than we were when we finished the season its all to relaxed and ‘well were working hard at it’ in my opinion you should always be aware of people who tell you ‘they are working hard at something’ This is serious stuff I have been banging the drum all summer, why do we think we have done well ‘keeping the squad together’ …. balls to that the squad wasnt good enough then and it wont be good enough now we have an average squad with one good player in and one good one good …….. so how the hell are we going to compete ??????? I can tell from the texts I got last night we are being laughed at !

Woe is Burnley! We are so used to the excuses now, we quote them ad infinitum whilst we remain in Championship mediocrity.HC is completely right. Tweaking the squad and we haven’t got Cork now either? What are we doing, tweaking so we might reach the play-offs? We need more than a bloody tweak to get automatic promotion and that should be our ambition

and another thing …… just listened to the gaffer on clarets player and read the peace about Cork ….. we didn’t even reach the £750k asking price for Jack … ok personal terms may have been an issue, but the fact that we couldn’t raise £750K to prove to JC that we wanted him …. well what did the board expect Cork felt like?? who knows if he would have rejected us if we would have shown some ambition and commitment for the lad, we might have had a point of negotiation after all he did say he was settled here ….. but we didn’t even do that!!! ……… beyond pathetic … I ASK AGAIN WHERE’S THE MONEY GONE !!!

hollins–So why does official website say we met the 7 figure asking price for cork

The LT says Burnley were unable to agree a fee so who do you believe? A club trying to spare its blushes or a paper trying to make money? The LT also state Cork’s choice was understood to have been between Southampton and Nottingham Forest, the only two clubs to have had offers accepted.Pathetic Burnley, truly disgraceful. Gone down stronger my arse!!


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