Date: 1st March 2009 at 2:39pm
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Claretacchio gives his thoughts after Burnley were thumped 4-2 at home by Sheffield Wednesday on a day that the Clarets looked clueless in defence and lacklustre in so many areas.

‘Hoots of Derision’ after ‘Owls of Anguish’

Earlier this week I said elsewhere on the site that Burnley couldn’t possibly give a performance as bad again against Sheffield
Wednesday as on the opening day of the season.

I was wrong. We were rank. Out-thought, out-fought and outplayed, the performance was abysmal and just another sign that the wheels have truly come off.

In the article ‘Owls of Anguish I suggested that a number of key players had to be rested. I asked whether Owen Coyle would make those decisions and whether the fans would support them. Well we know the answer, the manager kept the exact same team that performed so poorly in the previous two games and we paid the price.

They were already clearly knackered before and the nightmare they served up today just confirmed exactly that situation. Will the fans now demand changes be made even if that means taking a gamble? I know I would because I would rather go out fighting than fade away in a whimper.

The defending today at times was amateurish and truly appalling. I note that Owen Coyle said that the team had let in too many soft goals this season and that he would ring the changes. The problem here is that we don’t have enough defenders to choose from and that has been true all
season long. Most of the defence is way off form but what changes there can be rung at the moment? Where oh where are the loan players we so obviously and desperately need?

Yes some changes will need to be made but is it now too late? Confidence must be at a very low ebb and certain players are completely on empty and need a rest. It is absolutely amazing that after suffering such a crushing defeat the damage to our league position wasn’t terminal.

However whilst we are still in there the team is in a downward spiral, games are running out and too many rivals have games in hand.

At the moment it is hard to see where another win is going to come from. We cannot expect to get away with it again by hoping our rivals will all continue to lose. Defeat at Blackpool for me will mean the play offs will be gone for another season whatever the other results of the other teams on the night because there will be just too many teams playing better than us and ahead of us.

Yes I know mathmatically it will still be possible and yes people will say you have to believe and not be negative. However you also have to be realistic, we are playing poorly, have a small squad, our best players out on their feet, and confidence shot to pieces.

It will be absolutely heartbreaking given what had been achieved but another second half of the season collapse should never be ruled out because we failed to strengthen the squad in January. Too many games by too few players is undoing all the hard work.

Today was truly a shocker. Come on Burnley make the changes, bring in some fresh blood and give it a go.