Date: 7th April 2006 at 10:26am
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1) It has been an eventful season for you, with the managerial situation etc. Can you briefly explain what happened, and briefly summarise your season up to this point?

Tough to explain it briefly but to try and sum it up, Gianni Paladini took over the running of the club last summer and slowly started forcing the people involved with the club out such as our previous chairman Bill Power, Ian Holloway etc. Season Ticket prices were drastically increased and many fans decided against renewing them at the prices asked, leaving the atmosphere a little strange around the club. Many fans are still very suspicious about this former agent’s involvement with the club especially as we have Dunga on the board and he’s only ever been since at Loftus Road once! Anyway, the fans agreed we needed some sort of change as we were becoming a little stale, the place ‘stank of fish’ is how Ollie described it and in the end he was the last person to be forced out. Gary Waddock has come in and started to steady the ship but we’ve gone a little wobbly recently. Rumours are saying John Gregory will take over in the summer, which doesn’t help Waddo and the players. It’s been a frustrating season all round as we hoped to kick on from last season but its all gone pear shaped unfortunately. If I could write a book on this season I would- it’s that long and drawn out!

2) Waddock has promised to ‘ring the changes’ for the Burnley match. What do you think will be changed, and how will it improve your chances of winning up here?

He said the same before we played Crewe after losing to Stoke at home. One thing is for sure, Kevin Gallen will return up front. In place of whom I don’t know but he’ll be back. He gives us a nice hold-up player with a good touch, awareness, eye for goal and it gives the other striker a break (hopefully Furlong and not Nygaard- although both have been poor lately).
Elsewhere the defence will probably be changed, Danny Shittu may have a different centre-half after Ian Evatt’s poor performances, and Marcus Bignot may also be dropped. Expect Richard Langley and Marcin Kus to be in contention to start. Lee Cook will be playing down the left and has been in super form lately, he has bags of skills and can beat and defender with his trickery.

3) Is your current league position what you expected for this season?

No not really, any R’s fan can’t deny they would have taken a mid-table finish but to be this far down is disappointing. Too many home defeats is one reason, we are usually solid and hard to beat at LR but this season teams such as Crewe, Leicester, Stoke and Coventry have all come and won. We were hoping to build on last season and move up a little (even 12th would have been nice).

4) Who do you think will be your key players for the game at Turf Moor?

Lee Cook, Kevin Gallen and Danny Shittu. If Danny can keep your forwards quiet then we’re in with a chance. We had bags of chances against Crewe but nobody can finish at the club, if we carry on creating through Cook hopefully Kev will come straight back into the side with some goals.

5) Which Clarets players will you be looking out for at the Turf?

James O’Connor is a very underated player in this division. Andy Gray up front has started scoring again after leaving Sunderland. Alan Mahon was a good signing in the midfield- always remember him as Tranmere’s star player a few years back. Also Phil Bardsley on loan from Man Utd in defence. Not forgetting the Chelsea rejects Frank Sinclair and Jon Harley.

6) If you could have one Burnley player join QPR, who would it be? And which one of your players would you send to us?

Good question. Probably Alan Mahon or Andy Gray. Mahon scores goals from midfield (something we don’t really have) and Gray is a good hold-up striker who can score goals (again our strikers just cannot score). I’d probably send you Matthew Rose, a good player but never seems to stay fit so we wouldn’t have to worry about him playing against us.

7) Who do you think will join Reading in the Premiership next season, and who will go down?

I really don’t want them too but it looks like Sheffield Utd now look likely to go up. Watford play some nice football but from the playoffs I’d say Leeds- they always beat us so be nice to see them leave the league. I think Crewe, Brighton and Millwall. Brighton and Millwall were very poor against us and I’d like to see Crewe stay up but it looks too big a job.

8) Do you think any QPR players will move on at the end of the season and why?

Yes plenty will. Quite a few are out of contract and we need to start all over again. At least six will leave for definite.

9) Do you think the side will be strengthened, and how at the end of the season?

Hopefully, where the finances will come, from whom I don’t know but it looks like more wheeling and dealing for us. We’ll be on the look out for all sorts of players so I couldn’t say which, but definitely a centre-half and a striker.

10) Do you think Waddock is the man for the job at Loftus Road?

I’d like to think so. He talks a good game and I like his idea of ‘pass and move’. Don’t really want to change manager again. We need consistency so I’d say yes.

11) Did the recent ground share with Fulham take its toll on the pitch? Are you glad to have your ground back?

No and Yes. The pitch was fine for the most part. We’ve always had a good surface at LR it’s just a shame we had to share with that lot. Happy to have our ground back.

12) What did you make of the Clarets’ performance at Loftus Road on January 2, in the 1-1 draw?

I thought you showed good character, plenty of fighting spirit, a good defensive platform and a strong midfield. I’m expecting you to be much better on home soil though on Saturday. I’m a little surprised you?re not further up the table, maybe next year.

Thanks to QPR for the time taken to answer our questions. We answered theirs, and they can be seen over at Vital QPR. We wish QPR the best of luck for the remainder of the season, after Saturday of course.