Date: 30th March 2017 at 8:38pm
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Manager Sean Dyche has been speaking of his pride in Michael Keane’s development over the past few years and he knows it’s not just our new England centre half who has shown improvements.

Speaking to Sky Sports as Dyche gave a bumper interview covering life at the club, our Premier League campaign this year and Jeff Stelling’s epic walk this summer for Prostate Cancer UK, with promotion to the England side and with Keane now having made his debut in the March international break, he was obviously a topic of conversation in the interviews.

‘I’m pleased at a lot of the players here for developing. Some will get the headlines like Keano because of what he’s done, particularly this season, but people seem to forget. I read something the other day about his first season in the Premier League at Burnley, it wasn’t; he came here two years ago. People soon forget, there has been a depth to his development. It’s not been overnight. Sometimes it’s misrepresented about some of these players. It takes time sometimes for these players to develop into what they are going to be. And unfortunately due to the harsh side of football they don’t always get time, managers that is, they don’t always get time to see these players develop long term.’

With Dyche’s own situation at the club, he knows that patience and time has seen us reap the rewards as he’s had continuity in working with the players and guiding their development.

‘I’ve been fortunate that we’ve had enough success to allow me the chance to hopefully rub off on some of these players, including my staff and the work they do with them. Keano’s a good example of that, Tom Heaton is another one. There are various examples. It’s not just them two. But there are two who are quite obvious about how they have moved forward with their own careers, how they have moved forward with Burnley and are now being recognised on the international scene.’

Dyche was quick to point out that whilst the development of some will take the headlines, there’s just as much pleasure in helping a player development who doesn’t then gain the media starlight – it’s all the same to him.

‘The thing is as a manager, it’s not just about those who are out there in the media’s eye, there have been so many good development stories here from in-house, and it’s not always the ones that catch the eye. I am proud of them, of course, but I’m proud of all of the different players, I’m proud of all the different departments and how they work here and what the club has become. I’m proud of the whole lot. It’s not about a few individuals within it. They are part of the overall feeling of pride in what Burnley Football Club stands for now as oppose to it did four-and-a-half years ago when I first came in.’

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