Date: 16th June 2009 at 6:42pm
Written by:

All Clarets fans will be eager for the Fixtures 2009/10 to be announced tomorrow as we prepare for our first season in the top flight since 1976 and our first ever in the Premier League as we know it today.

The questions on everyone’s lips at the moment are:

Which team will we play first?

Will it be home or away?

When will we beat Blackburn twice?

When will we play the Big Four?

When will we have to re-mortgage the house to afford a Man U away ticket?

What will the run-in be like in April?

Well we will know the answers to that tomorrow at about 10 am ((Wed 17th June)but you will have to visit the full fixture list on the Official Site to satisfy your curiosity because Vital Burnley is not allowed to publish the fixtures due to copyright law.

Due to the nature of football and the pathetic rules and regulations they impose, we aren’t able to mention fixtures or publish lists, despite the fact these fixtures are basically just adverts for the games we pay our hard earned money to go and see. Beyond belief? You bet!

The situation has been the same for sometime, despite European Court of Justice rulings to the contrary. Dataco (the branch that look after PL, FL and SPL) are still charging massive fees for fixtures so we can’t show them. Each site would have to fork out £400 to be able to publish the fixtures.

If you are not prepared to fork out that ridiculous amount of money (and who would) the rule is basically you can say no more than 2 or so fixtures.

They (Dataco) will be watching, if you break those rules they will contact the owners of the Vital network and threaten.

We will take them down, go back to them for comment on the European Court of Justice ruling and they’ll ignore it! Complete and utter prats!

I do however need to request that you all please resist the temptation to cut & paste fixtures on Vital Burnley so we can keep the Noddies at bay! We will announce something on the fixtures but basically we cant go to town on them.

We do have some good news though, the club can designate one unofficial site to also publish the fixtures for a token, nominal amount. Just one unofficial site has dominated for years and years and nobody else has been able to get a look in. Well after some negotiations with the club that will now change in 2010/11 and we will be moving to a rota system with all interested unofficial sites being given the fixtures in strict rotation. Vital Burnley will therefore get the 2010/11 Fixtures so let’s hope by then we are still in the top flight!