Date: 10th December 2010 at 8:23pm
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This time, it’s the quartered shirt of 1997-8…

In Burnley’s longest running fanzine, ‘When The Ball Moves…’ new issue (number 87), which comes out on New Year’s Day. It will be on sale throughout the month of January, priced at a very reasonable £1.50.

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3 Replies to “Getting shirty again”

  • Send me the Shirty photo again Barnsey and will put up! Don’t know what it is but if I read your emails on my mobile and then delete from handheld, it seems to delete them from email account as well sometimes! Does my head in

  • Hate this one! 4/10. Can’t think of anything positive except it stopped some of our rivals saying our shirts always looked the same! They died laughing at this one though! Negatives-summed up in one word..AWFUL!! Hung,drawn and QUARTERED,and just as painful!!

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