Hair Weave? I’ll Take A New Face!


Burnley manager Sean Dyche seemed quietly amused by news that Accrington Stanley gaffer John Coleman had been offered a hair weave as a reward for promotion.

With Burnley potentially in line for a European adventure this season for the first time since England last won a World Cup, Dyche was asked the obvious question.

What cosmetic work would he like as a thank you?

A desire to go back to his nature ginger colour as opposed to the ‘Strawberry look’ he currently sports factored in, as did a brace and teeth whitening but he also felt a new face might be an idea.

Then again he seemed quite interested in an Aston Martin as well, but then again who isn’t!

Surprisingly for Twitter, few took the bait even if Dyche was entertaining the media as he spoke ahead of this weekend’s clash with Leicester City.

There were even incredibly positive words from fans of other clubs for our achievements so far this year.

With such a shift in expectations at Turf Moor following the season we’ve had, Dyche as ever certainly wasn’t getting carried away with things and the BBC quote him as saying.

“We are not the real deal. We know every time that whistle blows the match is on a knife edge. We are not going out every weekend thinking we are going to roll through the Premier League. We have to earn everything we can and that’s been good for the group. But whatever comes our way, we will continue to be adaptable and flexible – that’s been the key for all of my time here.”

Wouldn’t expect anything less from Dyche really would you?

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