Date: 27th January 2010 at 3:56pm
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Coyle was given a hostile reception from the 5,000 Clarets fans at the Reebok last night just three weeks after leaving Turf Moor to join Bolton. He faced shouts of ‘Judas’ everytime he came to the front of his technical area with the Clarets fans also constantly reminding him that he only ever scored 12 goals for Bolton so is not really the Trotters legend he thinks he is!

There were also plenty of banners including a massive one which read ‘He`s not the messiah, he`s a very naughty boy.` Another one read ‘Hypocrite. Hero 2 Zero`.

I was kept mildly amused when I saw a huge blown up set of pink rubber genetalia with a face mask of Coyle in an obvious place.

So yes we were angry and we were not prepared to let Coyle get away with his antics without him knowing our feelings.

It would appear though Coyle was upset that many chose to label him as a Judas. Aw bless, what planet is he living on? What does he expect after the mess he left this club in?

It would appear he thinks we owe him a favour if his post-match interview is anything to go by:

“If they were going to get biblical it should probably have been Moses, because I was the one who led them from the wilderness. But until my dying day, I wish the club nothing but the best. This was more emotional than any other game I have been involved in. I left a unique club and know the passion that surrounds the place. Burnley are special and I will always hold them in the highest esteem. The only person who knows the full story is me and I maintain I conducted myself properly.”

Moses? Keep taking the Tablets, Judas! You don`t do that to a club you think are special Coyle.

He must think we were born yesterday. We all know of course what he is thinking and what he should have said last night but no he carries on spouting absolute nonsense, platitudes and more lies. Let me try and paraphrase his arrogant remarks above.

“Oh look at me, haven`t I done well coming to this wonderful stadium with all its modern facilities Isn`t this a great club with its willingness to go into debt to fund my players budget? Much better than that poxy club down the road. You know the one Burnley FC, the one where I was rapidly becoming a failure so decided to do my regular two yearly kneejerk and jump ship”

Yes, that`s much better! Yes, you got us promoted but what`s the point if by your actions and timings you could have sent us straight back down? You failed to manage a single away win all season with no win at all in nine games by the time you left. We were deluded to call you God and we were deluding ourselves that you might have saved us from the drop. You might think you have saved your CV from the failure of relegation but you now have to keep Bolton up and from what I saw of your team at the Reebok last night you will have a hell of a job on your hands. You might think you have more money to chuck at the problem but you won`t have as much as Manchester City and look what happened to Mark Hughes! Yes, you beat us 1-0 but if I had to watch football like that every week I would slash my wrists. Sadly for the Clarets, Burnley were also woeful with no shape or passion to win it seemed. But then Coyle in all fairness, this was your team only a few weeks back and if we go down this will be partly down to you and your gung-ho approach to football.

So from God through Judas to now Moses?

I think I have had enough now of all these religious tags. I have never been a God botherer anyway and I only have one true religion and that is my football club, Burnley FC. Maybe if Coyle realised what passion means to the fans of our club, he wouldn`t pretend to be so shocked that we would dare call him Judas. Doesn`t he understand what his actions, lies and awful platitudes about his previous ‘loyalty` to our club have done to his reputation? Is he that naive he can`t understand why we can lose all respect for someone who jumps ship at the first opportunity because he thinks he`s going to be a failure with the club he professed to love only weeks below leaving us in the doggy doo?

I tell you why I am not religious because if there was such a deity that preached high morals and fairness, we would not have witnessed the Clarets going down 1-0 to Bolton at the Reebok last night and also been subjected to the sickly Coyle and his crew rubbing our noses in it even further. How dare the man start shaking hands with our players, how dare he try and wave to us!

Now of course I will hear cries of stop being bitter and move on, stop being so emotional but I say to those critics, I am a passionate football fan and I am entitled to my thoughts. Coyle has lost all my respect. If I remember Judas committed suicide and metaphorically-speaking I hope our Judas does the same with Bolton and takes them down. That would restore my faith in justice!

I know some fans that refused to go the match last night because they could not stand the thought of going to the Reebok and giving the club money to help fund Coyle`s spending spree. Others said they hoped we would just ignore Coyle at the match so it wouldn`t inflate his already huge ego. Not sure I agree with any of those but what I do know is that this disloyalty by Coyle has set Clarets fan against Clarets fan and emotions are high. Yes, we have to move on and we have to give Brian Laws our 100% backing but we have lost something, we have lost our soul for the season. We felt powerful and strong singing ‘Owen Coyle da der da da!” even if we were deluded and we now feel betrayed and let down. You could sense there was something lacking in the away end last night, I couldn`t put my finger on it. Was it a lack of confidence? Did we want this result so badly the negative energy sapped our strength? Was the tension transmitted to the players? I know this though whatever it is Coyle is the one that has taken it away from us!