Date: 14th January 2010 at 11:01am
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Leeds United chairman Ken Bates has launched an amazingly childish and pathetic attack against Barry Kilby for trying to entice manager Simon Grayson to leave Elland Road. Not only that but he has taken a sideswipe at the club with some very derogatory comments.

In an astonishing outburst he is reported as saying the following in the Daily Express:

“Why would Simon want to leave Leeds for Burnley? I mean they are a small manufacturing town in Lancashire. Simon is a Yorkshireman. We have 10 times their population, 50 per cent bigger gates than Burnley and we beat them pre-season anyway. They might be in the Premier League now but I think they lost £9million last year and, if they come down, they will go back to where they came from – whereas Leeds are on the up”

How many times do we have to hear what a big club Leeds United are (NOT!!)? The way their Board have handled the finances at Elland Road over the years is a disgrace. A club that has had to be brought out of administation and one that has been docked fifteen points by the Football League is hardly in a fit state to belittle a club two leagues above them and in far better financial shape.

The pompous aggressive, self-righteous stance of Master Bates is of course nothing new. Give me the mild mannered, Burnley through-and-through Chairman, Barry Kilby any day over that disgrace of a man. No wonder virtually the whole country of fans have only one thing to sing when Leeds are in town and of course the word ‘hate’ and ‘scum’ appear in the same mantra. I am pleased our Ken is ensuring that song will forever be sung.