Date: 5th September 2011 at 8:34am
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Our new Vital Burnley Prediction League for the 2011-12 season is now underway. It is not too late to enter the competition with only four games played and even if you were just starting to play you could easily propel yourself up the table with some accurate forecasting.

Don’t forget there will be a cash prize at the end of the season for the winner (£50), runner-up (£25) and third-place player (£10)

If you want to play simply look out for the prediction threads in our Vital Burnley Matchday section Matchday Prediction League & Competitions forum.

Here is the forum link:

Prediction League & Competitions forum

Claret Dale is once more running the competition for the site this season and today he provides an update after four games in.


The international break has arrived giving us an early break in the season. Whether the pre-season has been acceptable is up for debate – Whether our start to the season has been acceptable is also maybe up for debate? More Importantly, Has YOUR start to the prediction league campaign been accepable?

See the first update below?

The only comment I will make about the early season leader is that you should not be sat in fear! This was also the case in last season`s first update when the lead was shared with RickersTwickers before both were to fall well down the league table.

The only point to really add is that nearly 40% of the points accumulated so far were gained on our only victory of the season. Are we all optimists? Hopeful? Or similar to my Dad and seemingly physically incapable of predicting a defeat! Will the inability to predict a defeat lead to a successful season? I hope so!

The next update will be provided at the next international break in early October.


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