Date: 31st December 2009 at 3:08pm
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Most Clarets fans will be disappointed by today’s news that the Club do not have the resources needed to bring David Nugent to Turf Moor on a permanent basis.

Nugent of course is currently on loan from Portsmouth and Coyle has made no secret of the fact that he admires the player and would like to sign him permanently. David Nugent has also made it clear he wants to stay.

However today on the Official Site Owen Coyle says:

‘Financially what the cost would be, and indeed salary-wise, would be out with our realms of possibility’

It would appear that our only option would be to try and negotiate an extended loan for the player to the end of the season

‘I would certainly like to extend his loan,’ confirmed Coyle.

The financial situation at Portsmouth is of course now legendary and basically precarious to say the least so they will be looking to maximise the amount of profit they can get from selling players in the January transfer window to keep HM Revenue & Customs at bay.

The danger for the Clarets is that another Premier League club could be interested in signing Nugent and since they all have bigger budgets (so we are told) than we have, they would have a high chance of stealing him from under our noses.

Pompey are of course going to bite their hands off if offers come in making our chances of signing him on loan somewhat remote.

David Nugent could himself help the situation by accepting a much lower salary at Burnley. He seems to want to stay at the club but if that meant a significant pay cut would he still show the same loyalty and wish to stay? Should we even expect him to?

It is difficult to know sometimes what the Board is thinking. To a man they all of course want us to stay in the top flight with all the financial rewards that would bring but then words are cheap and actions we are told speak louder than words.

The problem is if that action involves digging deep into the coffers and taking some calculated financial risks then it would appear it could be a bridge too far.

People who are loathe to criticise the Board will say that if there is no money in the budget we should accept that but is that the whole story?

We are all expected of course to trust and support the Board and none of us truly know what the financial situation is at the club on a day to day basis taking into account cashflow and Director’s Loans. We pick up the odd statement and we read what is said at the AGM. We hear that the club want to remain debt-free but to what extent and at what cost?

We are told that promotion to the Premier League is worth £60 million to those clubs that achieve it although of course there isn’t this one big chunk available all at once. We have all experienced ‘Fortress Turf Moor’ too this season with average gates above 20,000 with all the financial benefit that entails.

Do we not owe it to ourselves to try and keep this nirvana going by our actions not words?

David Nugent cost Portsmouth £6 million and his value surely is now less than that but even if they still demanded £6 million, Clarets fans would be forgiven for thinking it all seems a drop in the ocean compared to the other financial benefits we are currently enjoying in the Premier League.

Sometimes it just feels like we are continuing with the ‘sticking plaster’ approach we got so used to in the Championship. Let’s be brutally honest though, we would still be there if money was not found for Owen Coyle to build the team he did and that was precisely the calculated risk that was taken back then.

Now it seems we still have to contend with ‘sticking plasters’ in the top flight, the only difference being they are better quality and might stay on for longer.

If we don’t survive this season will all the Board Members hand on heart accept our fate or will they privately be saying to themselves if only we had taken that extra financial risk and found the money for Nugent and others in the January window?

I just sense sometimes that they seem willing to accept relegation, rely on parachute payments and try again rather than do everything they can now to give us the maximum chance of staying up this time round and reaping the far greater financial benefits if we succeed.

Of course, this will provoke a lot of debate but in the end I will support whatever the Board do whilst hoping they really do prove me wrong.

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