Date: 24th March 2009 at 8:37am
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Claret Dale provides a summary of the Sheffield Clarets Prediction League for March 2009

A fantastic month for the Clarets from which I am sure that Owen will emerge manager of the month – whether this is a good thing or a bad thing – I am not sure!

After the superb victory at Home Park – Current standings are below;

Rather upsettingly for many of us, particularly me as it is my old man,
Bryan has completely joined the pack with an excellent month yielding 8 points. He has not only completely joined the pack but has also increased his lead in the average points per game stake. Thank god I forgot to invite him at the start of the season!

The most successful point`s scorer for the month however was Gerry who got two results 100% correct and 3 more point scoring results. This could be the month that wins him the title of the first Sheffield Clarets Prediction League Champion – What an honour!

Thankfully, Steve`s` pessimistic results meant he did not increase his points tally. With no offence meant, I hope that Steve is still stranded on 17 points come the end of the season. If he is, we will surely have reached the Playoffs!

If anyone would like to join in the above prediction league – please feel free to email in your predictions to




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  • After 3 consecutive correct scorelines – Matt has now taken the lead and is a point ahead of Gerry with only 3 games to go. This is nearly as tense as the action on the pitch 🙂

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