Date: 15th September 2008 at 8:43pm
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Claretdale writes asking for more Clarets to join up with South Yorkshire’s only supporters group. If you are anywhere Sheffield, you may want to read on…

The Sheffield Clarets has been informally up and running for about 3-4 years, and we are on the lookout for more ‘members`. Please don`t let the gormless posing above put you off!

We have members who have lived in Burnley and moved to Sheffield, and also members who follow the clarets through the influence of their parents (myself included). From students (ex and present) to the more senior members (well, those 30+).

We are not a formal group (not at present anyway) but just like to meet up for a drink occasionally (Normally at the Devonshire Cat in town, largely down to the real ale!) and also share lifts to home games and look to co-ordinate away travel wherever possible!

Above: Claretrgt, Barnsey, Claretdale

We have recently purchased a rather large flag (as you can see above!) and have discussed the possibility of presenting a trophy at the end of season awards.

If any of you out there live in the Sheffield area and are interested in occasional meets to talk about Claret life and/or shared travel to games, please contact us on For any students arriving to either Hallam or Uni, It could be a good way to meet new people who have the same major interest – I know it has certainly helped a couple of our current members.

We intend to meet early in October, at the Devonshire Cat, and it would be good to see a few new faces!

Up The Clarets!


14 Replies to “Sheffield Clarets – Recruitment Drive”

  • Yeah, good luck and an idea for my own recruitment drive regarding the South Wales Clarets Supporters Club (SWCSC).

  • Good Luck….Just moved from Sheff to Cardiff, used to live in Fulwood…Don,t miss the trips over snake pass on a sat !!


  • Just thought I would bring this back up near the top again for a bit! Hows it going CD? Would it help if we set up your own area on Vital Burnley so you could do Sheffield Clarets articles (cf WTBM area,similar idea)

  • Yeah I would be happy with something along those lines – I will speak to the rest of the lads on Wednesday at our meeting.

  • we have had numerous new members contact us to say they intend to attend tomorrow night. Everyone is welcome – would be good to see as many new faces as possible.


  • Good stuff, Dale. maybe the first article you could put up in the SC Section could be the sort of minutes of the meeting? I could also then set up a special forum for you to chat to each other on SC matters? Let me know if you agree and I’ll sort both out at weekend

  • Yes I agree Phil.

    I will put it to the other members later tonight and try to get some suggestions from them too!

  • very well thanks Phil – One of the best we have had i think and a good mix. I am definetly keen to set up some kind of forum on here if you want to email me about that?

  • I can do Dale basically though it will be exactly same idea as WTBM. I intend to set up a “Supporters Group Forums on Vital Burnley” category and then have Sheffield Clarets as one of the forums (we have another two potentially interested) In addition to that, I was going to give you your own article space to write your own stuff and get them up on front page here. If you are in basic agreement will just go ahead and do it, if not let me know and Ill sort out specifics with you ( we can edit anything you dont like)

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