Date: 5th January 2009 at 6:51pm
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Vital Burnley asked the editor of Vital Tottenham, Oxford Spur some questions about Spurs season so far and how he thought the Carling Cup Semi-Final clash with the Clarets would pan out

Here is his response to our questions

1.What are your impressions of Burnley and the Championship in general?

I have always quite liked Burnley, though I never really remember them as a old Division 1 side, I was too young to appreciate the levels some teams played at, it was more about certain players. I remember players like Leighton James and Brian Flynn play for you, at the time one of my mates was Welsh and he was always pretending to be James in our games as kids. As a fan I like tradition and there aren`t many better than Burnley. Also claret and blue suits you guys better than Villa or West Ham…

2.What was going wrong before Harry arrived? How well is Redknapp going down with Spurs fans?

There were a number of things, perhaps not one single issue. The Spurs/Ramos marriage simply didn`t work. I don`t think Ramos truly enjoyed the English mentality to the game and perhaps the players failed to embrace some of his ideas. On the pitch there was no balance within the team and confidence was disappearing with every game. If he stayed, we would have probably gone down. As for Harry, I think he has just gone back to basics and done what Harry does best, tell the players they are fantastic and get square pegs to fit into square holes, so far so good.

3.What are your ambitions for this season and where do you think you will finish in League?

A cup would be nice, the Carling and UEFA cups are both still achievable, plus the FA cup remains on, all we have to do is get a result at Old Trafford, but Harry did it last season, so why not.I would take guaranteed premiership survival over anything else. Where we will finish is anyone`s guess, a run of 3 wins puts you in sight of a European place, a couple of losses are we are in the bottom three. Personally I expect us to come good, but realistically I see us in between 8th and 12th, but we need to start winning games..

4.What sort of team will you put out against us? Full strength/weakened squad team?

We have injuries and suspensions, but we will play a strong side, probably something like, Gomes, Corluka, Dawson, Woodgate, Bale, Lennon, Zokora, Modric, Bentley, Pavlyuchenko and Campbell. Not too shabby, a team with 9 full internationals and two who play/played regularly for the U-21s(Dawson & Campbell). The club have taken this competition very seriously, perhaps unlike Fulham, Chelsea or Arsenal. I am sure they wanted to win, but in truth had one eye on other things, we will be up for the games. If you win, there will be no excuses that this wasn`t a priority, well not yet anyway…

5.Go on admit it, will be better to lose to Burnley in Semi than Man U in final? No? Oh well tell us also how you think the two legs will work out.

Sorry to be selfish I want a trip to Wembley again thank you, you can have the play off final, worth far more to you… I am confident, but certainly not arrogant about the result. I was impressed with you against Arsenal, but thought they missed a hatful of chances and simply didn`t look focused and your keeper was excellent again. I am hoping the nerves will hit you, rather than it being your cup final and I am hoping for a 2 goal cushion to take to your place and a draw at Turf Moor.

6.Trade secret time. Tell us what your weaknesses are and how we could exploit them

We are still fragile in our confidence. It is a difficult call for Owen Coyle, does he sit back and look to counter or really go for it in the first 15 minutes? The last thing you want to do is lose an early goal. We don`t concede many at White Hart Lane and a goal will take the pressure off and I think we could tie the game up in the first leg if we get a good start. 0-0 or better for you at half time and the nerves will kick in..

7.What has your record been like against lower league opposition in recent seasons?

Spurs are a cup team historically and we have been excellent in this competition in the last few years, 2 semi final losses and a win, in the last three seasons tells a story. We like every other Prem side have a odd slip up, but I think we are usually pretty confident we can get results against lower league opposition.

Many thanks to Oxford Spur for suggesting the idea of a joint Q&A session between the editors of Vital Tottenham and Vital Burnley and for providing his response to our questions.

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