Date: 16th June 2006 at 11:11am
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Burnley chairman Barry Kilby has reacted angrily to the decision to pair Accrington Stanley’s and Burnley’s matchdays, branding the decision ‘insensitive’.

It was hoped that Stanley would have their matchdays paired with Blackburn Rovers, as Mark Hughes’ sides participation in next seasons UEFA Cup means that they would rarely play on the same day.

That scenario would give more fans the chance to attend the newly named Fraser Eagles Stadium, as many Clarets fans follow Stanley when Burnley play away from home.

The decision could mean that Accrington could lose as much as £100,000 in gate receipts with the absence of Clarets fans, as the games are likely to be played at the same time.

Kilby said: ”Both me and (Stanley Chairman) Eric Whalley are really annoyed about the decision, particularly Eric as he has been the one making representations to the police,’

‘It’s going to cost them up to £100,000, and it will hit us to some extent because there are people that would want to go to the home games of both Burnley and Accrington and obviously won’t be able to now.

‘Accrington and Blackburn are in the same police division and it seems they are reluctant to police the two matches, although what policing a game like Accrington v Macclesfield would require, for example, I don’t know.

‘Normally we are at home when Blackburn are away, but I wouldn’t worry being paired with Blackburn and Accrington being the odd one out because I don’t think our fans cross paths.

‘I’m annoyed at the inflexibility of the police but I’m told they are quite adament.’

Kilby continued: ‘The irony of it is that out of Blackburn’s 19 home games in the Premiership, I don’t think they will have more than seven or eight on the same Saturday as Accrington because of their involvement in the UEFA Cup competition.

‘Their home league games will be on different days.

‘So when Blackburn aren’t playing on the other Saturdays, there won’t be any football in East Lancashire whatsoever.

‘Neither us or Accrington want this decision.

‘The police are supposed to serve local communities.

‘The supporters would like to see both games and I think more people are likely to watch Burnley and Accrington than they are Blackburn and Accrington.

‘I think the police have been totally insensitve on this issue.’

Insp John O’Reilly said: ‘It is a matter of juggling around the fixtures and seeing how we can use our resources.

‘Blackburn and Accrington are both in the same policing division and if the teams play at the same time our resources would be stretched very thin.

‘We have to look at the practicalities of policing these games and having Rovers and Stanley playing at the same time is not practical from a policing point of view.’

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