Date: 13th April 2009 at 10:12am
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We asked Rhodri Turner (Vital Cardiff Editor) a few questions about the clash today at Ninian Park and provide his answers below:

Cardiff with game in hand look assured of a play-off place now but how confident are you of maybe getting Automatic promotion?

We’ve been involved in the play-off fight for four years now and never made it – we’re not assuming anything and while the players make all the right noises about going for automatic – that looks almost un-reachable.

Who would you like most to play in the play-offs (semi and final)if you don’t get automatic promotion?

We outplayed Reading in both games this season and they look in poor form so I’d take them in the ssemi’s before putting Sheffield United straight in the final – we’ve still devastated after them thrashing us 3-0 after two horrendous red cards a couple of weeks back. It seems to have started them off on a roll too….

Your thoughts on ex-Clarets loan, Peter Whittingham. He never really did anything for us and was a bit of a disappointment

Snap. He can be superb, but has been well off the pace for some time. Put simply he’s a luxury and is contributing least of all our midfielders. He is being played in an un-natural position but has been disappointing all the same.

What are your team strengths/weaknesses?

A really good defence is the key to our form while our attack is also very strong. I’d say that our weaknesses stem from an un-balanced midfield, we cant adapt to other sides.

Player to watch Monday?

Roger Johnson. For my money, the best defender in the Championship and vitally important for us. Excellent in the air and on the ground – he’s also a big threat at set-pieces.

(Rhodri provided this answer before he knew about the throat injury sustained by the player against Palace on Saturday)

If you could have one Clarets player on a free – who and why?

McCann. As I alluded to before, I think our balance in midfield is lacking and we’re without a ‘complete’ central midfielder. I think McCann fits that bill and could play alongside any of our other midfielders.

Cardiff is a scary place for away fans and Ninian Park is rather intimidating, Your fans record recently with coin chucking incidents etc must be a concern. What do the proper fans think of all this and are you concerned the Welsh FA could dock you points?

Seriously I wouldn’t worry about Ninian Park – the trouble is only there is you go looking for it.

This has all hit the news recently but I’ve seen coins chucked at grounds all over the UK. The difference here seems to be that the aim was better! I’ve yet to find a City fan who has any sympathy at all for the offender and I hope for his sake he doesn’t try to come back. Its an ugly incident but the Club did everything possible to prevent this, only to find a few moronic individuals. Hopefully, those few will have read the backlash and think better in the future. I cant possibly believe the FAW would dock points, its non-sensical and would set a crazy precedent – a fine is one thing but like I said, the club did everything they could, ejected the idiot within minutes, banned him for life and have worked very hard to identify and press charges against any such people – who are not fans of football or Cardiff City.

Prediction for the game?

A draw probably suits both clubs OK since a gap seems to be opening up. Probably 1-1.

Many thanks to Rhodri for suggesting this exchange of views and for taking the time to answer our questions

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