Date: 12th August 2009 at 8:26am
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As Editor of Vital Burnley, I was asked by the FourFourTwo Magazine for the second year running to provide a preview of the season ahead and this time of course asked how I see our first season in the Premier League panning out.

The magazine has close relations with the Vital Network and this season’s review is well represented with a number of the other editors providing some input for clubs in the Premier League, SPL, Championship, League One and League Two.

The September magazine is now on sale containing the FourFourTwo Season Preview 2009-10 Supplement and is retailing at £4:50 for both.

Each club in the preview has its own page. There is a 442 Editorial summarising our chances. I hasten to add this is not written by me since it starts ‘It looks Grim for Burnley’. Our page also contains the 2009/10 Fixtures and a short biography about ‘The Boss’-Owen Coyle.

They also believe Martin Paterson will ‘Make the Difference’ and say why.

There then follows a section called ‘Fan File’ which summarises the answers I provided to a series of questions.

The questions provided to me to answer were as follows:

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

What is a lesson do you need to learn from last season?

What’s your greatest hope for this season?

And your biggest fear?

Most important player

Cult hero/terrace favourite

Keep an eye out for (young player)

Player you’d happily drive to his next club

What one change would you make at your club?

Have you got the right manager?

What advice would you give him?

Which team do you most want to beat this season?

Opposition player you despise

Opposition player you secretly admire

Where will you finish?

Why would a Premier League player want to play for Burnley?

Now of course I am not going to provide you with the answers I gave, you will have to buy the magazine to find out. I will just say one thing though, it is a bit of a game because you know your comments will be edited and the trick is to write just enough, so you stand a good chance of the edited comments still keeping the same emphasis that you wanted. It is not easy and it does not always work so bear that in mind when you read them.

Well you have the questions above have a go at answering them yourself below this article and see how close they were to mine when you read the magazine.

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