Date: 24th November 2009 at 10:37pm
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The latest issue of the shortlisted Burnley fanzine, ‘When The Ball Moves…’ is now on sale and details are provided

The latest issue of the shortlisted Burnley fanzine, ‘When The Ball Moves…’ is now on sale!

Priced at £1.50, with 52 pages, it is a bargain, and no mistake!

This month’s offering features a tribute to Margaret Potts, Dave Thomas’ ‘Claret Life’, an EXCLUSIVE interview with Edde Cliff, a sneak preview of Tim Quelch’s new book, match reports, as well as general opinions on the Clarets’ start to their first top flight campaign in 33 years. Oh, and much, much more!

Back copies are available by contacting , and we are always on the look-out for new writers and/or sellers, too!


16 Replies to “When The Ball Moves…Issue 78”

  • I think it is myself and the 2 Richards selling at West Ham – And all 4 of us are about at Pompey, although probably wont all be selling.

  • Have read it cover to cover and later today will post my scores on the doors as prompted by CP. The pleasing thing is no article scored less than a 7 and a few got 9’s imo. Overall score ends up as an 8 out of 10. Excellent stuff. Will post scores on the other bit!

  • I was speaking to Dave Thomas in Kettledrum on Saturday before Villa game, he was asking me why we didn’t put WTBM articles up online here too. Is this something we could look at Barnsey? I can see you would want to keep new stuff for the Mag but maybe we could put up older articles already published in the Mag on VB with the author’s consent? We might also be able to put up new articles with a topical flavour that don’t make the mag due to space? Just a thought, it might attract more to the site too

  • I don’t mind putting archive stuff up, although most of it has been pdf’d so that might prove a problem. Also want to hold them for a few months to encourage people to buy past issues (the few that haven’t sold out, that is!) It’s an idea, though. I MAY start putting old issues on Ebay, too?

  • I have said before mate – I dont see any negative impact from putting old articles on ebay. I also agree that putting articles online a few months after they have been purchased, is not a good idea. I dont think it would reduce sales.

  • Do you think we could ask for two things for every issue, all articles for WTBM magazine as normal plus just one unique article for the online site here? You could then put a teaser to that article in the WTBM mag giving the VB URL to visit and read the article? We might all then benefit by more folk becoming aware of both VB and WTBM? In terms of the archive stuff maybe we could link it to to some event eg if we have reviewed a player,manager, game in the Mag and it becomes relevant again?

  • I have been trying to do something along the lines of what TMP suggests for the last few months. My goal is to write a teaser Vital article to get people to buy WTBM, and then have a reference back to Vital in my WTBM stories, if I can. I am fine about any of my old WTBM articles being posted on Vital (if selected). What might be fun (or hard work) would be, rather than post each old WTBM in full, to post specially selected groupings of articles. So, for example, Barnsey could do a match-by-match record of our promotion year. Or, again by way of example, everything from Dave Thomas could be put in one place. All of which might well actually encourage people to think about buying future WTBMs, as long as it’s clearly stated that nothing will go on the website till, say, after the end of the season. If only to give Barnsey something to do in the close season, this must be a good idea!

  • TMP, is it possible to attach a PDF to the site? If you have the right software, it’s pretty easy to mix and match pages from different PDFs, though I have never done it myself!

  • You can upload pdfs indeed any documents to the forums as attachments but you couldn’t use them to write articles without sophisticated software that turns em back into Word doc format for editing, cutting and pasting

  • Barnsey – I agree – What tosh I have written ( Yes I know – No change there). Similar to CP I have no problem with any of my old articles appearing on Vital. I have done a fair few stats articles ( as has Timbers I think), could be an interesting new section?

  • TMP… I am not looking to use uploaded PDFs to write new stories in Word, though if I were, anyone can copy and paste from PDFs. It’s arduous, as anyone doing it will quickly find out, but not sophisticated. I am thinking more in terms of someone editing existing PDF versions of WTBM, by moving around whole pages of the PDFs, before they get uploaded. I wouldn’t call the software needed for that sophisticated, as long as you do it page-by-page, but it might be a bit expensive (£200?). The guy who designs WTBM would almost certainly have it.

  • Just had an idea for the next competition to win a Wiseman Book. The theme is BFC Miscellany so we invite anybody to write articles for WTBM on anything that has happened to them whilst supporting the Clarets eg amusing anecdote, frustrating day out etc. They are judged by the WTBM team and the winner gets the book, his article published on VB and in Mag. Might increase interest in both and be a bit of fun?

  • Frustrating Day Out I am up for that……I will never ever forget the day we played at……..
    As for pdf’s I am in a parrallel universe on that thread lol

  • Go on VR… write an article! Did you keep up with the Clarets when you were in the Falklands? I assume folk like TMP, Barnsey and Dale understand what I am saying about PDFs… basically it would involve attaching a digital image of (all or some) pages from (one or more) WTBMs to the ‘forum’ part of the Vital site, where even IT numpties like me could then look at it. You can even make it bigger, if you think the prints too small! Though, come to think of it VR, your parallel universe may be more fun than the digital one…

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