Date: 26th November 2009 at 11:05am
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A new book was published recently by Clarets author, the Reverend David Wiseman. Clarets fans may know the life-long Clarets fan from his other books on Burnley FC which include ‘Up the Clarets’,’Vintage Claret’ and ‘A Case of Vintage Claret’

His latest work is a book entitled ‘The Burnley FC Miscellany’

The good news was that the publishers, Breedon Publishing provided Vital Burnley with three copies of the new book to give away free in our competitions this season.

Last night we held the first part of our first quiz based on Categories A-Z taken from the book and we will complete the second part tonight(Thursday 26th November) from 7:30 pm.

We asked 10 questions last night covering topics A-J and the remaining 16 questions from K-Z will be asked tonight.

These were the questions we asked and the answers:

Andy All Rounders

Which Andy managed to play for the Clarets in all shirts available numbered 1-12?

Answer: Andy Farrell

Burnley Bribes

Which manager did director, John Turkington offer to buy a Bentley for if he got us promoted to Prem?

Answer: Stan Ternent

Capital Comebacks

Which London club did we play in the 1960-61 season in a game in which we were 4-0 down at half-time and came back to earn a 4-4 draw?

Answer: Tottenham Hotspur

Dodgy Debuts

Which keeper let in 7 goals on his league debut for the Clarets?

Answer: Billy O`Rourke

England No Can Do

Which Clarets manager turned down the chance to be in charge of England?

Answer: Jimmy Adamson

First League Double

In 1888 we beat this team 4-3 away and 4-1 at home but who was it against? (Clue: B-team from Lancs)

Answer: Bolton Wanderers

Greying Goal scorers

Who is the oldest player ever to score for the Clarets?

Answer: Graham Alexander

Hat-trick Heartbreak

Who scored a hat-trick in the 60s against Spurs in an FA Cup game only to be on the losing side (4-3)?

Answer: Willie Irvine

International In Town

The only FULL international match ever played at Turf Moor involved England against whom?

Answer: Wales (1927)

Jimmy Jimmy

Which Jimmy wrote a book in 1983 called ‘Book of Lists` in which accolades were given to both Jimmy Mac and Jimmy Adamson?(Clue: Not a Claret)

Answer: Jimmy Greaves

A blend of similar types of questions covering all eras of our history will be asked tonight from K-Z, some will be easy, some not so easy. Clues will be given if necessary and multiple-choice options provided if required.

The person who provides the quickest correct answer gets 3 points and there is one point for the others who are correct.

Based on last night Claret Dale has taken the early lead and here is the current table:

Claret Dale: 16 points quickest five times

Grimsby Claret: 12 points quickest two times

Rickers Twickers: 10 points quickest one time

Couch Potato: 6 points quickest one time

8clarets8: 6 points quickest one time

Vin Rogue: 3 points and yet to be the quickest!

Tune in tonight and see how they do and who wins our first book. It will all take place on and beneath this article. If you want to play it’s not too late, the others may have a head start but you could still play and win.

If you want to see the fun & games we had last night you can visit this LINK:

Wiseman say Only Fools Rush In-Quiz 1 of 3 Part 1

The rules will change slightly tonight folks. I will put up questions in blocks of 5 or 6 as follows:

K-O at 7:30 pm. You will have 15 minutes to provide me with your answers and post them in total beneath this article

P-T at 7:45 pm. As above

U-Z at 8:00 pm. As above

Winner announced by 8:30 pm

Good luck!

Here are the first block of five NEW questions:


Kippers Go Bang

Which Clarets player who played in the 1946-7 FA Cup Final was given the nickname ‘P`Tang Yang Kipperbang`? (Clue: Initials PK)

Lost Chances

Which season post-1970 did the Clarets play their last 16 games without a win and were relegated?

Managers from Merseyside

Which Liverpool manager once described Burnley as ‘that village team`?

Nicknames in 1900s (Nearest will get 3 points if nobody spot on)

What year did we change strip colours and become known as the Clarets?

One game wonders

One player made his only ever appearance for the Clarets on his debut in 2003-4? Who was it?

Next Five Are P-T:


Plymouth Pummels

Which season this decade did we beat Plymouth 1-0 after a run of six games without a win?

Question of Quotes

Which Clarets player of the 1960s said ‘If you can`t get the man, make sure you get the ball`

R-Club Rarity

A rare Boxing Day win in 1987-8 season saw the Clarets defeat this team 4-0 but who were they?


19 Smiths have played for the Clarets over the last 100 years or so but which one played for us in the late 70s?

Transfer to Return

Which player who later became our manager was sold to Everton for £20,000 in 1950?

Final Six Questions (U-Z) are:



Which current Burnley FC Executive plays the ukulele and is a paid-up member of the George Formby Appreciation Society?

Violent Ramming

Which Clarets player ruthlessly fouled Rams full back Marc Edworthy at Turf Moor in 2005 but got away with yellow? The Rams lad had a severe facial injury and missed the next few games. Final score 2-2

Well Travelled Journeymen

Which former Clarets player in recent times (post 70s) has made the most moves to other clubs in their professional career?

X marks the Spot

What did the X placed against a team mean in a fixture during the first 50 years of league football? e.g. Blackburn1 x Burnley 3 (Result from October 1922)

Youngest Young Gun

Which player is the youngest to ever make his debut for the Clarets first team?

Zed and We Had One

We have only ever had one player since the war whose surname began with the letter Z so name him?