Date: 4th January 2011 at 6:26pm
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This was the 2nd Adidas effort. But what did YOU think??

Stan Ternent took charge at the start of the 1998-9 season. Things did not go according to plan. We were beaten by Darlo at The Riverside, and suffered two huge home defeats in a row, before finally pulling clear of the relegation places. (Hard to believe that it’s just over ten years ago!)

Anyway, could you please copy and past the section below into your comment box, adding your own personal thoughts and opinions as you do so…

Deadline is Sunday 23 January!

Marks out of 10:



Memories of BFC / players in the shirt:


4 Replies to “WTBM…88 Shirts Piece”

  • Have added the shirt photo Barnsey and emailed you on how to do future ones

    Marks out of 10: 9 Quite like this one

    Positives: Enough to look different from normal home shirts. Think the odd splash of white works but not convinced about the white lines across the chest

    Negatives: Yeah white lines make it look a little busy. One broad white strip may have looked better with P3 logo in that in Claret

    Memories of BFC / players in the shirt : Wilderness years, no real memories sorry

  • Have emailed Barnsey with my thoughts – also didnt like the white stripes. Its odd though, Looking back at most of the shirts I am sure I nearly always said ‘ I love that’ when I first saw it 🙂

  • Positives: Never bought one, Negatives design. Memories in the corner of my mind are only distant memories of the shirt I left behind………..NURSE have I taken too many tablets today….memories!

  • Marks out of 10: 7 would have been higher but for the white stripes across the chest.

    Positives: Long sleeves for a long season.

    Negatives: My mate still wears this one the tight git.

    Memories of BFC / players in the shirt: My favourite memory travelling to Stoke and winning 4-1 , my worse Gillingham and Man City at home we was stuffed!!!

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