Date: 10th August 2009 at 9:18pm
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THE Burnley fanzine is back this Saturday, and it’s better than ever!

‘When The Ball Moves…’, founded on the day of the PNE Home game in the 1999-2000 promotion season, will be on sale outside The Britannia Stadium on Saturday.

As usual, it will be sold at various locations outside Turf Moor at all home games – usually by the Club Shop, at the end of the ginnel by the Cricket Club, as well as outside the Bob Lord Reception. We also intend to sell as close to as many away grounds’ visitors turnstiles as possible – permission pending!

The price has increased to £1.50 – the first time in its 10 year shelf-life that a permanent price rise has been implemented. This marks a step up in the presentation and print quality for the fanzine: a glossy, colour cover will replace the old style, and we have teamed up with Kershaw Print to produce a Premier League standard fanzine that we can all be proud of.

Subscriptions are available; writers and sellers are always welcome, and any feedback – positive or negative – is always welcome. For all these things, please drop me (Barnsey) a line at

Cheers and Up The Clarets!


19 Replies to “WTBM… to return”

  • Phil, how can you make my article publishing name the same as my usual login name? I am sure that my points in the Members League would have been higher this past year had this been the case!? Please advise!

  • Hello, WTBM is back, WTBM is back, hello !!
    You’ve only come to read the fanzine, come to read the fanzine, you’ve only come to read the fanzine !

  • Did you print 36,000 copies Barnsey? After all the first ever Prem League WTBM has got to be as collectable an item as the Wembley programme, and the quality of writing is much better too!

  • Barnsey, you seem to have loads of names on this site which is confusing me. You have Barnsey (as a publisher), BarnseyWTBM as a poster but also whentheballmoves? You should get Members League points combined for Barnsey/BarnseyWTBM I think but whentheballmoves will show us a different account. Are they all registered using same email address do you know?

  • I am looking forward to seeing the first copy on the journey down on Saturday. I think we have 3 confirmed sellers for the majority of home games dont we? Club shop corner, foundation bar and cricket field is where we can be found.

  • Just wondering now where the home fans will be entering the Cricket Field Stand and how the club will be segregating rival fans as they make their way to their seats? Are the home fans now going to be entering via the players entrance or somehow via the JH stand end?

  • I think they have “made” turnstiles down that end of the CF stand, haven’t they? Who knows?!

  • Oi I started this!! Ever get the feeling there could be a certain amount of chaos come Wednesday 19th? lol

  • The home fans have 4 turnstiles, entering from the James Hargreaves side . Burnley have just short of 1,400, Away teams have just short of 2,500 The concourse is split by a full shield, you cant see around or over it, totally sterile. the split in the stand consists of about 10 seats, with tarpaulin, stewards and police. Hope this helps.
    [Edited by turfmanphil]

  • Yeah, looks like a lot of thought has gone into it. It was well short of being ready at the Leeds game. But it could be a nice little ‘club’ in the Cricket field for the Home Fans.

  • Coyle. whose idea it was was totally right. At long last our team will be coming out from the Cricket Field with a welcoming cheer from behind them

  • Barnsey, will be wanting a copy of WTBM at Stoke game, will look out for you around South Stand if you not going to be in that Hobson’s Choice of a Harvester Pub!!

  • Barnsey, hoping to get 2 copies from you, as well as the one I hope you have posted to me!!! I will be with turfman at Stoke. (I want to take one to Bashley and one to Lausanne.) Sure you’ve printed enough?

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