Date: 7th August 2011 at 12:13pm
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The Daily Mail fuelled speculation on Friday that Southampton had made a £4m double bid for Burnley forward Jay Rodriguez and left back Danny Fox.

There has been no official statement made by the club on the rumour over the weekend and anyway you would probably not expect them to make any comment.

Most Clarets fans though will be hoping that if a bid has indeed been made that the Saints have been told in no uncertain terms where to stick their offer!

It is bad enough having lost out on Jack Cork to a club in administration only a few seasons ago. To have Jay Rod and Fox depart for St Marys as well would be too much to bear for most Clarets fans.At least I hope it would!

Having said that, I thought there would be more of an outcry over the sale of Eagles and Mears but it seems a sizeable number of fans have accepted the club line that it was a ‘good bit of business’ and that they would have left for nothing next summer.

I also thought there would be more of an outcry after we lost out on Cork and to this day I still believe we should have gone the extra mile to get him. If the rumours are true, he is on £22k/week at St Marys and we have just got shut of Chris Iwelumo reportedly on £15k/week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the maths. We could have had Cork based on this one-for-one replacement alone for just an extra £7k/week but then of course the club argue that would have broken their salary cap with the other players up in arms complaining they were not being paid as much. That to me is just an excuse for not having the financial balls to go for a player of the high quality we need to get this club promoted.

Anybody hand-on-heart who watched the recent games against Sunderland and Watford would have to admit we greatly missed Jack Cork in those games.

How far are we going to take this ‘good bit of business’ or conversely ‘pleading poverty’ line?

I would bet my bottom dollar that if we did let Jay Rod and Fox go for £4m in total there would still be fans toeing the club line and there would be yet more convincing themselves that once again it would be a ‘good bit of business’ even though it would cripple our understrength squad even more with very little time to fix it.

I hope on this occasion the club will have the financial nous to tell Southampton manager,Nigel Adkins to get stuffed but I have to say I have no trust in the Board especially once the £££££ signs start spinning around.

I also wonder at what point the ‘happy clappers’ content with whatever this club does or does not do, will begin to smell the coffee and realise all is not well with the club despite the Chairman’s best efforts to convince us otherwise.

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