Date: 10th March 2009 at 3:26pm
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Vital Burnley wishes to congratulate When the Ball Moves… for making the shortlist for the ‘Best Football League-Printed Fanzine’

When the Ball Moves was nominated for the Football Fans Census New Football Pools Fanzine Awards 2009 and has now made the final shortlist

When the Ball Moves… was one of 37 fanzines nominated by fans of the Football League clubs (ie excluding Premier League clubs). They have now made a shortlist of 10 fanzines selected based on the largest number of votes received from the fans.

Here is the full list of the 10 short-listed fanzines:

They also have one of their writers, Ria Hopkinson shortlisted for the Best Writer award.

The Judging Panel will now decide which of the short-listed entries will receive an award. The Judging Panel sits to give fanzines from smaller clubs an even playing field when it comes to choosing the winners. The panel comprises of FFC representatives and a representative from the sponsors, The New Football Pools.

Each panelist will vote on which of the short-listed finalists they believe to be the best in category.

A further Award will be made for “The Football Fanzine of the Year 2009” – which will be the best of the best winners.

Well done When the Ball Moves… now let’s win the blessed thing!!


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