Date: 11th November 2009 at 1:04pm
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Play the Burnley FC Miscellany Quiz & Win the Book

A new book was published recently by Clarets author, the Reverend David Wiseman. Clarets fans may know the life-long Clarets fan from his other books on Burnley FC which include ‘Up the Clarets’,’Vintage Claret’ and ‘A Case of Vintage Claret’

His latest work is a book entitled ‘The Burnley FC Miscellany’

The good news also is that the publishers, Breedon Publishing have provided Vital Burnley with three copies of the new book to give away free in our competitions this season.

We can now announce that readers and posters have a chance to win the book in our first competition to be held on Wednesday 25th November from 7:30pm.

We will be taking 26 questions from the book which will, in the style it is written have topics beginning with the letter A-Z in alphabetical order

You will have two options if you don’t know the answers,you can spend ages looking up the answers(eg via Google)or you can have a guess immediately. The latter may be your best tactic as speed is of the essence.

Three points will be awarded to the player who can get the right answer to me the quickest. Each player giving me the right answer no matter how long it takes within the timeframe will also get one point.

So how do you get the answers to me? You can use any method you like that confirms the day and time you sent me the answers.

If you want to show your hand you can post your answers below the article. Quickest right answer gets three points all other right answers get one point.

You can however also use the Vital Burnley Private Message facility in the forums or you can send me an email to:

If I receive answers from posters with the same time on them and that time is the quickest all will receive three points.

There is just one rule, you can’t cheat and obtain or borrow a copy of the ‘Burnley FC Miscellany’ book and look up the answers.

If you want to play then make a note in your diaries and be on the site from 7:30 pm on the night of Wednesday 25th November to be in with a chance of being the quickest.

The questions will be posted below this article and if nobody has provided me with the right answer within 5 minutes I will provide multi-choice options and the cycle will begin again.

I would also like to know in advance if you would like to play, so please indicate below this article.

Let the fun begin!