Date: 14th November 2009 at 7:50am
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Richard Moore provides a selection of his photographs from that great day in May 2009 at Wembley.Can you spot yourself,family or friends?

We provide something different from actor & writer Richard Moore in this feature. Were you at Wembley in May 2009 on that wonderful day we beat Sheffield United to gain promotion to the Premier League? Do you know family & friends that also went?

Well you may know that Richard Moore was once a freelance photographer before he went into the world of acting and writing and his art with the old camera lens has not deserted him.

Last May Richard took his trusty camera to Wembley and captured some of the Clarets faces and characters that were also enjoying a stoll down Wembley Way and around town. You too can now see his efforts.

He will be providing some of his collection to Vital Burnley to put up on this article, so keep coming back to see folk added

Can you spot yourself or anybody you know? If you do let us know and maybe invite over folk you recognise.

If you don’t just enjoy the Rogues Gallery of Clarets captured on this wonderful day.

Also if you have any photographs of the great day you would like to share with us, then please email them to the site and we will put them up:


Richard Moore’s Wembley Way in Profile

More to Follow


16 Replies to “Richard Moore’s Wembley Way in Profile”

  • Intrigued by the Lyme Regis banner… it’s where I live and I’ve never met another Claret here, but I do know of 3 R***r families!

  • Spent a couple of nights in Lyme Regis a few years ago CP – we stayed at The Bay Hotel which once featured in an Inspector Morse book don’t you know.

  • Lyme Regis? Thats famous for The Cobb isn’t it,Meryl Streep and French Lieutenants thingymybob? More photos to follow soon

  • Yes, Meryl and the Cobb and The Bay Hotel… it’s all true. I just came here to visit an old colleague. We set up a business that has nothing to do with Lyme Regis. My colleague has gone, but I and the business are still here. A nice enough place, but like all small beautiful places, it has its eccentricities, and has very poor transport connections to football (unless you call Plymouth football!). Looking harder at Mooro’s photo, I think the tall guy at the back may have got off the post-Wembley train at our local station Axminster, and told me he lives in a village about 5 miles away. In the run-up to the recent R****rs game, someone told me there was another Claret in town… and told them (a R***r) that I was one of them… and set up a meeting. Ha! Ha! I have known his kids and nephews and nieces for years through doing voluntary youth work (which has to remain confidential). Small town life!!! We were going to travel to Deadwood together till we found out I needed a bus pass.

  • If only to keep investigative journalists away, I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that I am not Richard Moore. 🙂

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