Date: 26th March 2009 at 8:51am
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The Trust has just launched a Special Newsletter

This special issue is devoted to outlining more details of the new Partnership with Burnley FC announced last December and explains how the partnership will benefit all Clarets fans including Trust Members and Supporters Clubs. The newsletter also outlines the Partnership Terms of Reference agreed between the Club and Trust providing details on their joint aim and objectives and the process on how they will be achieved.

There is an important message from Trust chairman, Peter Pike and statements of support from Burnley FC Chairman, Barry Kilby and Chief Executive, Paul Fletcher MBE

The Special Newsletter can now be downloaded in pdf format and read from the Clarets Trust website but we also provide a direct link on Vital Burnley:

Clarets Trust Special Newsletter-Click this Link

The Special Newsletter will also soon be despatched to all the Trust membership and will be available in key areas at the Club.

It will also be used for Trust membership drives and will be available at Trust Events.

Editor’s Note:

As a Trust Board Member and someone involved in drafting the Special Newsletter and seeing it finally approved by all at the Trust and by the Club, I feel rather proud on what we have achieved here and hope all Clarets fans and Supporters Clubs whether they are members of the Trust or not support this initiative.

If anybody would like to raise any issues or join Clarets Trust, all the details are provided in the Special Newsletter or you can visit the Clarets Trust website for more information about the organisation:

Clarets Trust Website LINK

I would be grateful for your comments below on this initiative and if you want to know more please contact me.